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Drop Shot - Conqueror 10 Junior - 2022
Vidar Padel
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Rek. pris 749 kr

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Lanseringsår 2022
Vikt 340 - 360 g
Form Dropp
Balanspunkt Medel
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Glasfiber
Ytskikt - typ Slät
Ytskikt - fasthet Mjukt
Ytskikt - material Glasfiber
Kärna - fasthet Mjuk
Kärna - material EVA Soft
Speltyp Nybörjare
Målgrupp Junior
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Beskrivning från tillverkare
Engelsk information från tillverkare:

The new collection of Drop Shot 2022 padel rackets is the clearest, strongest and most resounding bet in the history of the brand for the versatility and versatility of choice so that all players feel welcomed by a collection as wide as it is studied.

Within the Eseential Line we find the Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Jr padel racket, the replica in a junior version of the racket of the professional padel legend Juan Martin Diaz that, one more season, will become a benchmark among the little ones.

A model that bets on the Full Eva System for the structure as it provides an outstanding sweet spot and allows a high tolerance for error in this fundamental learning stage, Fiber Glass Surface faces and a comfortable and natural Eva rubber inner core. Low density soft.

A teardrop-shaped racket, intermediate balance and marked character in the game that, without a doubt, is oriented so that the smallest of the house enjoy their first steps in this sport.

In addition, and like every season, the Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Jr shines for its design where the details in cyan blue and black are combined with the marked silver character provided by the geometries of their faces.
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Silicone grip channel
Eva Full