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Side Spin - Silver Pro - 2022
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Rek. pris 3 299 kr

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Lanseringsår 2022
Vikt 350 - 375 g
Form Diamant
Balanspunkt Hög
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Kolfiber & metall
Ytskikt - typ Ruggad
Ytskikt - fasthet Medel
Ytskikt - material 3K Kolfiber
Kärna - fasthet Medel
Kärna - material EVA Black Medium
Speltyp Motionär, Tävling
Målgrupp Vuxen
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Beskrivning från tillverkare
English information from manufacturer:

The Silver pro 3K is a padel racket from Side Spin’s new 2022 collection made for players looking for a high level of play. With its diamond shape, the sweet spot is higher than a teardrop-shaped blade (Silver). That is why, together with the 3K carbon, this is the racket with the most power of the Silver series.
We innovate with metal technology, which are metal sheets around the frame, this technology allows us to give the frame greater rigidity
The Silver pro has a black medium Eva which means that the ball is in contact with the surface for an extra time, reaching a very high level of control without losing power. Features sandy finish, that gives an extra grip.