Adidas - Metalbone GreenPadel - 2022
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Rek. pris 2 580 kr

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Lanseringsår 2022
Vikt 360 - 375 g
Form Diamant
Balanspunkt Hög
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Kolfiber
Ytskikt - typ Ruggad
Ytskikt - fasthet Mjukt
Ytskikt - material Flax Fiber (Fiber från lin)
Kärna - fasthet Mjuk
Kärna - material EVA - soft performance
Speltyp Tävling
Målgrupp Vuxen
Ej verifierad Inväntar verifiering av information från Adidas
Beskrivning från tillverkare
English information from manufacturer:

The combination of maximum performance and sustainability is called Metalbone #GREENPADEL. A different racket made of top-quality materials that already surprised the padel world last year and of which we are more than proud.
The racket incorporates, FLAX FIBER, a new material in the padel industry that not only provides excellent performance, but is also 100% renewable and biodegradable. The Metalbone #GREENPADEL incorporates SPIN BLADE GRITTtechnology, to load your shots with a devilish spin. The OCTOGONAL STRUCTURE technology will bring unstoppable power to your attacking shots. Its EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber composition will make comfort the predominant note in your game.
What are you waiting for to be surprised? Play with the Metalbone #GREENPADEL and win two games at the same time, the one played on the court and the climate change game.


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