Stiga annons - Danni Dios
Oxdog - Sense Tour - 2023
Vidar annons - Elite Air (Barre)
Stiga annons - Danni Dios
Slazenger annons - Rååd


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Rek. pris 2 000 kr

Rekommenderat pris från tillverkaren

Lanseringsår 2023
Vikt 365 g
Form Rund
Balanspunkt Medel
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Kolfiber
Ytskikt - typ Ruggad
Ytskikt - fasthet Medel
Ytskikt - material Kolfiber
Kärna - fasthet Medel
Kärna - material Foam
Speltyp Nybörjare, Motionär, Tävling
Målgrupp Vuxen
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Beskrivning från tillverkare
English information from manufacturer:

Oxdog’s unique round shape models combines supreme control and power. The round shape of Sense Tour with really good balance and control works great in the defensive game and suits the beginner as well as the experienced player. Probably the fastest round racket in the world.
PowerRibs in the bottom part of the racket and HES-Carbon adds power/speed in the offensive game. The DSH – Double Size Holes pattern increases balance and spin as well as improves the playability outside the sweet spot.
RBS – Racket Balance System makes it possible to customize the balance of the racket. HES-Carbon that reacts faster, transfers energy into speed/power and increases the durability.
Vibradamp system with a three-layer design. Vibradamp fiber in the middle of the handle to absorb vibrations, four silicon inserts (removable) for extra protection from vibrations and a two layer-construction with PU-top layer for best tackiness, embossed surface for maximum grip and perforation for sweat absortion. The Vibradamp reduces stress on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.
Racket with great control that will help players in all parts of the game. Suitable for casual-advanced players.
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Silicon inserts

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