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Varlion - Bourne Summum Carbon Black - 2023
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Rek. pris 2 800 kr

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Lanseringsår 2023
Vikt 340 - 370 g
Form Diamant
Balanspunkt Hög
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Kolfiber
Ytskikt - typ Räfflad
Ytskikt - fasthet Medel
Ytskikt - material Glasfiber & kolfiber
Kärna - fasthet Medel
Kärna - material EVA Hypersoft Foam
Speltyp Motionär, Tävling
Målgrupp Vuxen
Ej verifierad Inväntar verifiering av information från Varlion
Beskrivning från tillverkare
Engelsk information från tillverkaren:

Varlion professional level padel racket with diamond shape, focused on players who need a further touch more of power than control.

It’s made of a bidirectional carbon fiber tubular and a high hardness Hypersoft foam core, laminated with a carbon fiber fabric and fiberglass. Its heart is also reinforced with carbon fiber fabric.
All materials are impregnated in Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin, for maximum elasticity and strength, and coated with a layer of titanium dioxide.

Summum technology rackets are a new concept of padel racket where all its characteristics have been optimized to the maximum. The main ones are the next:

- A longer handle than usual, to provide the player with a more comfortable and professional grip, thus avoiding having to put the overgrip over it, and also to facilitate grip for players who use both hands.

- 1 cm longer hitting surface.

- Thanks to Aerodynamic Drilling, turbulence is reduced, offering greater resistance in the core and greater stability during hitting cause the centre of the racket flexes less. This generates an increase in the sweet spot of the racket.

- A larger and higher rough texture on relief to achieve better effects, specially on topspin shots. This texture is made with the racket’s own epoxy resin, not with 3D stickers, which does not suffer any type of wear.

- And the Wings Diffuser technology at the heart, with an aerodynamically improved diffuser, which gives the racket more maneuverability and precision.

The LW Summum padel racket also includes an adhesive injected bumper, called Hexagon bumper, which is produced using a low hardness TPU injection mold, to absorb shocks and chafing. It is fixed on the frame by means of an adhesive material without the need to drill the frame and thus avoiding having to weaken it for its fixing. Being perfectly adhered to the frame, it also acts as an anti vibrator.

And finally, it is worth highlighting the Handlesafety technology, a new safety system for the handle. Normally, in all rackets the rope comes out from a centered hole which is attached to the handle frame by means of a pin, rivets, nails, etc. However, with this system, the rope goes through the two walls of the handle and comes out on both sides of the tip, thus giving 100% safety and comfort to the grip.

Bourne, Hexagon frame, Wings Difusrr and Adhesive Bumper are utility models registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and therefore exclusively owned and used by Varlion.


3.0(från 14 omdömen)
"David", Man 41 år
Nivå: avancerad (har padelarmbåge)
Gillar det men skulle vilja ha lite mer lättspelat rack i defensiven. Det är 360g och jag verkar behöva ett lätt rack för armbågen
2024-05-05, 14:29
Man 56 år
Nivå: motionär
2024-03-16, 16:14
Man 56 år
Nivå: motionär
2024-02-18, 15:57
"Magnus Törnqvist", Man 53 år
Nivå: motionär
Känns hårt
2024-01-13, 16:49
"Magnus", Man 52 år
Nivå: motionär
Känns väldigt styvt
2023-12-25, 12:03
"Jim", Man 32 år
Nivå: avancerad
För svårspelat och hårt
2023-11-22, 22:49