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Rek. pris 3 450 kr

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Lanseringsår 2022
Vikt 365 g
Form Rund
Balanspunkt Medel
Ramprofil 38 mm
Ram - material Kolfiber
Ytskikt - typ Räfflad
Ytskikt - fasthet Hårt
Ytskikt - material Kolfiber
Kärna - fasthet Mjuk
Kärna - material EVA Soft
Speltyp Motionär, Tävling
Målgrupp Vuxen
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Beskrivning från tillverkare
Engelsk information från tillverkare:

Take your padel game to the next level with the precision-oriented Pro Staff v2, a racket engineered for peak confidence with every shot. The extended handle allows for a comfortable two-handed grip if preferred, while an updated geometry and hole pattern further pinpoint shot placement. Additional features include a Soft EVA Foam and a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that combine to dial up the power and responsiveness. Includes wrist strap attached to the handle for extra control and safety when sharing the court with others.

•Carbon Fiber Face features a strategically woven layer of carbon fiber that gives players the ability to hit with ultimate power
•Soft EVA Foam generates excellent paddle responsiveness at a lighter weight for less arm fatigue
•Perimeter Weighting System adds weight at 3 & 9 of padel racket for improved torsional stability and enlarged sweet spot
•Spin Effect Grip features textured surface that grips ball upon contact for enhanced spin and excellent feel on every shot
•Sharp Hole Tecnology uses an advanced hole-drilling process to grab the ball and enhance bite on all hits
•Sublime Grip encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface
•Wrist Strap attached to handle provides extra control and safety measures

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